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Seattle Public Relations has owned the PR space in Seattle for 20 years.

Founded in 1989 by a Seattle based advertising agency, our east side offices are at Ground Zero of a technology explosion. 

We’re journalists, communicators, and tech people, and we’re loving every minute of this!

We create and build brands that convey how engaged and human your people are, opening your doors to new traffic and sales.

Social media and Google are connected – most importantly, with customers. Our parent company is one of the most respected advertising firms in the world, and utilizing our resources, we bring your brand right to consumers based on age, gender, and location.

We make sure you’ll have the right message for the right channel.

How Seattle Does PR



Your brand’s compelling truth has been the secret to your continued success. We are experts at finding this and conveying it to the world.



Cutting through the noise is harder than ever. We help you step outside of that “businesslike” comfort zone to help you engage your bombarded, exhausted market.



It’s a lot of work to keep up with the newest developments on Search and Social. Let us take care of it for you. We’re super into it, and you’ve got a business to run.

We got this

The reason why we see so many clients making the change to Seattle Public Relations is because we offer a niche, strategic and creative solution based on real data from millions of consumers based on gender, race, and location.

Let our data analytics engineers study your brand and find the perfect way for engagement that will make a good impact of your product or brand.

Seattle PR employs more ex Google and Bing peeps in the PR space that anyone in Seattle. We are brand architects that analyze and build a strategy for social and search that puts your brand at the top of the ecosystem.

Our Specialties

Apps • Startups • Real Estate • E-Commerce

Commercial Developments • Health and Beauty

What We Do

People make a decision to buy with a click in 2.1 seconds. Our team is going to blow up your brand regardless of time zone or industry. Get in here!

Content Creation

Our writers live in house and are content creators by trade spending their days analysing trends and creating content that makes your brand POP! When this happens, your customers find their voice, and that means sales. Lots of sales. Content drives engagement.

Public Relations

Yes, we are a digital marketing and branding firm at heart, but on the side Seattle PR does some clean-up for both businesses and brands. Maybe something appeared on search results, or maybe you received a review you don’t like. Let us protect and enhance the reputation of your brand.

Social Media

Has reading through facebook and instagram feeds become like work? You never seem to find something interesting to click on? Consumers click on our ads! Let us make media enjoyable again for all your followers when we start posting for you with rich content and images.

Discover More Services

About Seattle Public Relations

We open communication between our clients and their best customers in such a way that phones ring, emails flood the inbox, and brands are created. We serve every sector, from retail to construction and we have the awards to prove it.

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Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Relations and Awards

Recent Awards in PR and Advertising.

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -

Seattle Public Relations - Home -
Sofia Harris
22:03 13 Mar 20
Its been a dream working with Seattle PR these last few years. They get me a ton of great exposure and deliver beyond my expectations. Their outside the box thinking, along with decades experience in the industry, lead to our front page exposure, social media likes and shares, and ultimately more business! Whether you are a small company like me, or a big company, Seattle PR will be a great fit. I continue to work... with the Seattle PR team, Dan and Jorge are great! They are instrumental in my success. These guys are really connected and the right fit to get the job more
Seattle Public Relations - Home -
Nancy Lewis
17:56 18 Oct 18
I have been nothing but impressed with the way they run their business. They exude positive energy that you cant help but smile. They have a really cool vibe at their office, not your typical corporate office. They are out of the box thinkers who are passionate about their work. My husband and I could not be more impressed. Seattle Public Relations delivered what they promised and boosted us to the next level. ... I would go with them again in a more
Seattle Public Relations - Home -
Cloe Robinson
19:48 08 Aug 18
I own precious nails and was pulling my hair out with figuring out the google thing. My BF told me about this place and the girls pooled our money together for a site and some branding and all i can say is wow. wow wow wow. People type in nail salon and there we are. I don't know how they did it but they did it.Prices are a little steep but they paid for themselves in about a week!These guys know their **** Im... tellin u they got us up on that google like no ones business.!!!!!read more
Seattle Public Relations - Home -
Richard Cardenas
23:45 24 Apr 18
We opened a retail clothing store and ran for almost a year before we hired Seattle Public Relations. While we managed to survive without any internet presence, but we struggled to get new customers in the door and knew we had to do something. Its now been over 2 years since we've hired Seattle Public Relations and it was the best decision we ever made. We get new customers every week. When we ask how they... heard about us, they say they found us online and our website looks amazing. We went an entire year without anyone being able to find us online. Now we are seen regularly online, and our online presence looks amazing. Thank you Seattle PR for all your branding and internet expertise!read more
Seattle Public Relations - Home -
don sager
00:02 09 Sep 16
These guys are true gentlemen with an understanding of how to properly do PR. I have an agriculture businesses that I needed some help with branding and increasing awareness in my industry.They were able to get an article published about me and my brand with an industry leading publication, which increased my exposure and gave my brand credibility. My business unfortunately is still illegal in some states, but... these guys understood the market and had experience working with other growers in Washington state. They helped me plant the seeds in the right places and business is growing because of it.Thanks Julian and the rest of the crew for taking the time to help get my ship sailing!read more
Seattle Public Relations - Home -
Robert Arnold
17:36 28 Apr 16
My wife and I really enjoyed working with Seattle Public Relations. Our matter was time sensitive and not only did they manage to take care of it within a few weeks, we also learned they own an advertising firm and together they gave our cosmetic dentist office a new lease on life, and on Google.Our phones are ringing again. Thanks so much. I would not hesitate to hire this firm again.
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Seattle Public Relations - Home -

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