“90 DEGREES?!”
These are not headlines you usually see in Seattle, yet here they are. This week has been a scorcher and it’s forecasted to continue for a while, folks! So what else can you do but buckle down, wait for it to pass and try to enjoy it while it’s here? To help you out, here’s a list of 7 ways to beat the heat in the Seattle area during the Great Heatwave of 2017.
1. Get out on the water! There’s never a shortage of beach fun in Seattle. Head out to one of the many lakes or Puget Sound for some boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, jet skiing or just plain old-fashioned swimming.2. Head to a spray park. There are over 25 spray parks just in Seattle! Choose any one of them for a fun, quick way to cool off the kiddos and burn off a little energy. Bring a picnic and you have an inexpensive way to entertain all day!

3. Spend the day at a water park. Enjoy a day of slides, pools, lazy river and amusement park rides at Wild Wave Enchanted Village. If you’re tired of being out in the sun, trek a little further south and spend a night at the Great Wolf Lodge. Complete with a full indoor water park, this family destination has something for everyone!

4. Go for a hike. Yes, it may sound a bit crazy to suggest an outdoor hike to beat the heat. But here in the PNW, there are literally hundreds of completely shaded paths to explore. Take the hike to Snoqualmie Falls for example, and enjoy the foliage cover on the way and the cool refreshing spray from the falls at the end.

5. Go to the library, museums, or movies. When it’s 95 degrees outside, a lot of people just want to get into some air conditioning. It’s a great time to go and take in those movies you’ve been meaning to see all summer, read a new book or visit one of the many museums.

6. Check out Seattle Center. This is one of the favorites for kids on a hot day in Seattle. Explore the phenomenal exhibits at the (air-conditioned) Pacific Science Center or stroll through some music history at Experience Music Project. If the kids get tired of exhibits, let them run around and cool off at the International Fountain.

7. Cool off on the ice. There are some great indoor ice skating rinks in the Seattle area. Get out of the sun and enjoy a little winter!

Whether you like to get out and enjoy the heatwave or head inside to beat it, there are endless options in Seattle to keep you entertained. But whatever you choose to do, don’t forget your four-legged friends! Don’t leave pets outside with no shade or water, and include them in your cooling-off activities whenever possible!