Seattle startups continue to sprout up around the city every day.  So much so that the city has become known as the Silicon Forest. It is a place where more and more startups are coming to do business because of the favorable conditions. The Silicon Forest is an area that is proving to be the best place for companies to grow. This article looks at which startups are new, and it shows why Seattle has been branded as the right place to start a tech company.

#1: Microsoft Amazon Google

Having Microsoft, Amazon and Google in the area is one reason to bring a company to the Pacific Northwest. There is a vast talent pool of highly educated people that tech companies hope to cash in on in the Seattle area. This is a just a small part of the equation, but it matters to many people.

#2: The Progressive City Culture

The progressive culture in Seattle is a good place for many people in app development or mobile app development. These companies need a bit of leeway to get off the ground, and a progressive culture attracts more people who are willing to work for these companies. They will fit in with the culture the company has, and they will be more productive as a result.

#3: The Companies

Companies such as Seattle Software Developers, Coding Dojo, M3, Seattle Advertising and Convoy have traction in the city, and they are working from a number of different perspectives. Software developers of this type need room to grow, and they will find it in Seattle. There are many young workers moving to the area to find jobs, and startups have people who are ready to work the first day on the job. A company that wants explosive growth like this can turn up tomorrow with a full workforce.

#4: Serving Many Purposes

There are many great causes that these companies adopt, meaning not everything is focused on profits. These companies will make money, but they will not focus on making money. These companies will put a service into their mission, and will show that they have something good to offer the world while earning money. That is one of the reasons to come to Seattle because profits are not prioritized over the good of the planet and humankind.

#5: These Companies Have Space To Grow

Seattle is not crowded like Silicon Valley, and it is not a place that is too saturated with startups. There are many companies dying in California because they do not have enough people to help them. That is quite a large problem because there are many people who cannot find jobs. They will come to Seattle to find that Seattle startups are growing and blossoming every day.

The startup culture in Seattle features many good companies, and they are creating every type of software imaginable. They are building companies in the Silicon Forest that will function like they do in California, but they will have more freedom to grow properly.