Color or the absence of color is vital to your brand identity and what you put forth about business.

When you see a grouping of colors that are perfectly coordinated, in tune with the surroundings, and emit a deeper feeling, you begin to understand why that business chose those colors. To convey something incredible and unique.

The colors you have chosen to incorporate for your brand identity represent your product, your style, the clientele you attract, and an overall synopsis of the brand. This happens before you even have a chance to say a word. Are you trying to emit power and luxury with your brand or are you looking to emit carefree simplicity?

Consider what your product or service is. Consider what your audience is seeking when interacting with your product or service. Keep that in mind when choosing a color palette. If, for example, your brand is in the business of luxury housing, you will not be using neon yellow as a primary brand color. This will not describe your brand, it will not catch the eye of the right people, and it will contradict everything else that your brand is saying with marketing. However, if you are looking to promote a luxury resort on a tropical island, exploring a neon yellow as a primary brand color may not be out of the question.

Just as you can go outside and notice that a garden is pretty without dissecting the color of each flower and combination of greenery with colors, a person looks at your logo or marketing materials and instantly knows if it is appealing or not. You have mere seconds to impress.

What to do if your color no longer matches your brand?

If your brand or business was created far before your time and the colors no longer represent the brand or are outdated, there are several options. One option is to stick with it and perhaps incorporate the color less and use a base color of black or white. This allows you to keep your brand cohesive without flaunting the no longer relevant color.

Another option you have is rebranding. It often seems like a daunting task that will not produce many results, but that is not the case. Rebranding can bring your business out of a rut, it can help you pivot and move in a new direction, and it can help remove the growth restrictions. The key to successful rebranding is partnering with people who know what they are doing. Find the firm or person who can work with your vision and guide you through the rebranding process to produce incredible results.

If your business or brand needs new colors to represent your business and the clients you wish to attact, contact Seattle Public Relations.