Three UW students being screened for suspected novel coronavirus tested negative for the virus.

The three individuals who recently returned from Wuhan, China were suspected to have contracted the virus while they were there. All three students have now been cleared and are virus free.

The incident involved one off campus student and two on campus living students. Test results have now shown all three students to be clear of the novel coronavirus.  So at this time, there are no active acses at the University. However,  University officials have asked the public to be patient as they deal with the situation.

According to the University’s spokesperson, the institution closely worked with health officials in Seattle to reduce any risks of the virus spreading.

“We are currently taking precautionary measures by testing everyone who is thought to have come in contact with the three students” apparently none of our students has been hospitalized as a result of the Coronavirus infection” read the statement from the University.

The University of Washington has however asked students to take precautions just as they would do in cases of a cold or flu.

The medical results of the two students suspected to have been infected have now been released. The University said that the two students were quarantined until the test results came back. Health Officials in Seattle asserted that the tests were being conducted out of abundance caution. They said testing is a precautionary measure, and they acticiapte more persons tested will not have the infection.

Confirmed Cases of CoronaVirus

Currently, there are five confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United States. The first case was reported in Snohomish County, Washington. According to health officials, all cases are from people who recently traveled to Wuhan China, – the epicenter of the Coronavirus.

Yesterday the department of health confirmed that there are eight people in Washington being tested for possible exposure to coronavirus. It is also reported that the people who are believed to have come in close contact with Snohomish man has risen to 63. The man is still isolated at Providence Regional Medical Center – Everett.  Health officials are now reporting that the Snohomish County mans treatment has been successful. They said the patiend showed a trend of decreasing virus levels. Suggesting that the patient is getting the better of the virus.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

Common symptoms for the virus include coughing, high fever and shortness of breath. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that these symptoms may appear within two days up to two weeks of infection.

Coronavirus has so far killed 362 people in China and more than 17,300 are believed to have already been infected with the virus in China. Also a man in Phiippines who has died is beleived to be the first death from the Coronavirus outside of China.

The true status of the virus is unclear to experts both in China and around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has however dispatched a team of scientists and researchers to work with their counterparts in China – in a bid to contain further infections.

World Health Organization’s general secretary has however said that it’s still premature to declare the coronavirus as an international health emergency. The committee however assured the world that they were closely monitoring the situation in China and other parts of the world.

On January 31st, the US Federal Government declared a Public Health Emergency due to the Cornovirus.

Effects of the Coronavirus in China and around the world

Since the first case was reported, China and several other countries have put strict measures to contain the spread of the disease. For instance, China has put on lockdown several cities where Coronavirus has largely been reported.

Other countries where the virus has been reported include Canada, Australia, Japan, Ivory Coast, Singapore, France, Germany, Malaysia, South Korea, and Cambodia.

The US has now also put travel restrictions on flights to and from China.

We will bring you more details on this developing story as it unfolds. . .