Law enforcement agencies often need help from a PR firm, but they are not sure what to do to engender some sort of goodwill with the public. Many of them have started to do the Lip Sync Challenge and hiring a Seattle PR firm might be of help to anyone who needs to get some goodwill back. Bad press can make it very hard for your agency to do its job, and there are little things like the Lip Sync Challenge that help.

Why Is PR Needed?

Seattle Public Relations feels that sometimes people have no idea where to begin in repairing their image. No image is repaired overnight, but there are some things that make it easier. Someone who wants to make a change must work with a professional, and the professional explains how to present these things. Social media helps, but that is not the only way that people can see the best of an agency that seems to be down on its luck.

How Do You Use Social Media?

Social media cannot be used simply to spread your message, and you must be much more thoughtful about the way that you talk to the public. You might ask the public to interact with you on social media, and you might have people coming up to you asking if they can participate in something like the Lip Sync Challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge is another thing that was very popular, and it would have brought about goodwill for those people who had some bad press.

How Will You Do This?

You could start the Lip Sync Challenge at any time with any member of your department. It only makes sense for you to do this challenge with a song that you think will resonate with your community, and you need to know your audience well enough to know what to sing. If your department serves a mostly African-American community, you might want to think of rap and R&B songs you could do. Country songs work well in rural areas, and pop music works well in suburban areas.

How Do You Post to Social Media?

You need a social media manager who does most of the work for you. They will show you how to frame the shots, how to post the videos, and how to narrate the videos in the comments or caption. You must make a post that people want to see, and you should post in the style that people are posting right now.


You must interact with the public through social media because they expect that you will be responsive when talking to them. They could comment anything on your posts, and it only makes sense for your department to send out the nicest replies possible. You want to show your human side, and that is why you need guidance in this process. Someone who is trying to make a change to the way that their department seen cannot do that if not one believes in what the department says.


You could begin your PR campaign right now by sending out some officers to do the Lip Sync Challenge. This is just one way to make a difference for your department, and you could make a big difference in the community by speaking the community’s language. They get excited to see you doing something so fun, and they will be more likely to respect the officer on the street as a result. These things all work together to help you recover from bad press of community disengagement.