Seattle Public Relations - Acquire Clients in the Construction and Home Improvement Space -

We Will Find and Qualify High-Quality Clients For Your
So You Can Focus On Your Work And Not Have To Worry About Finding Customers Every Month

The nature of this offer is that you will be given customers through Paid Ads

ALL of which have already shown interest by indicating that they have some kind of plan or budget.

Most construction and home improvement companies fail to promote online and that’s where you take advantage.

We take what’s worked with other construction business campaigns in the past, and inject it directly into yours.

64 Leads in 32 days

Seattle Public Relations - Acquire Clients in the Construction and Home Improvement Space -

Why Paid Ads?

$1.43 trillion dollars, over 79% of construction spending occurred in the private sector in 2022.

This means there are 10,000 to 100,000 customers interested in your offer right now and there’s only two ways to get in touch with them.

❌ Spend countless hours (that you don’t have) optimizing outreach yourself

✅ Simply let us handle it and you go about your job worry-free

Now I’m not saying you couldn’t do a great job with ads yourself…

But why leverage your valuable time when it could be put to better use elsewhere?

Everybody wants “consistent lead flow”… and with paid ads… it’s a measurable method.

I’m positive that you want to have predictable systems, be able to hire & expand your team, and be able to really scale your business.

A business that’s not growing is dying… that’s something we definitely don’t want.

So, why is paid advertisement important?

Because it represents one of the most cost-effective methods for generating leads available in the world.

And as you read further…

You’ll uncover how we create a paid advertising system that can yield an impressive 5-64 sales calls per month.

We’ll provide an experienced operator for this system who will work with you directly and be available for suggestions and feedback.

However, if you’re interested in paid advertisement, you’re likely facing a challenge…

❌ “Experienced Advertisers” Will Charge You for Cookie-Cutter templates.
❌ Inexperienced Advertisers Will Make Promises but Deliver No Results.

We’re so confident in our system we will guarantee you the leads or YOU DON’T PAY.

It’s that simple. We don’t want your money if you didn’t make any yourself.

So what are we going to do exactly?

We’ll Assign a Paid Advertisement Specialist For Your Business, Build a Proven Campaign Specifically in Construction & Home Improvement, And Optimize It To Get The Biggest Bang For The Buck.

You’ll have full input of your setup.

You’ll be guaranteed business at no risk to you.

You’ll receive a customized CRM for organizatrion and full transparency.

You’ll get text and email automation for all marketing campaigns.

You’ll have access to a suite of business tools in the CRM.

You’ll receive a Loom report on the progress of the campaign every single week.

You won’t need to handle any KPI analytics because we’ll handle it all for you.

Schedule a 30-minute No Obligation Consult Call

Here’s What We Do For You on The Backend…

Seattle Public Relations - Acquire Clients in the Construction and Home Improvement Space -

So How Much Do I Have to Pay for Our Services?

Here’s what’s great about our system…

You don’t pay if we don’t get you at least 5 high-quality leads per month and just so you know, we always strive to outperform that promise.

Most importantly, you don’t have to invest your valuable time.

Because running effective paid advertising campaigns is a time-consuming task.

So when another agency approaches your business and says, “Hey, we can manage your paid advertising for $500 per lead!”

What you got was a tire kicker that just tested the waters and didn’t actually have much interest in your services.

Don’t want to waste your market potential by not operating at peak efficiency from day one.

Because, in the world of paid advertising, nobody immediately says, “Let’s get on a call.”

It takes multiple points of interaction, which takes time you just don’t have.

Don’t burn out AND worry about it every month.

What Do I Have To Do To Get Started?

First off is scheduling a no-obligation 30 minute call with our team.

The purpose of the call is to answer any questions you have & see if we’re a good fit to work together.

When you start with us to get your custom CRM set up and your campaign created, here’s what the process will look like:

Seattle Public Relations - Acquire Clients in the Construction and Home Improvement Space -

You won’t need to do anything but answer the questions we ask you and give us access.

We will create the ads with our experts and input.

We will test those ads to find the most effective ones.

We will tell you how things are going every single week.

We’ll refine everything we do to get the biggest bang for the buck.

At this point, there is nothing required on your end, and your ads campaign will begin in about 7 days.

You will not be paying a w2 salary, and you are not required to learn anything technical.

Everything is fully transparent in the CRM and you can see everything that we’re doing.

You do not need to do any inbox management.

The only thing you need to do is report when you close a deal.

And that’s it!

Schedule a 30-minute No Obligation Consult Call