This week, Microsoft presented its annual Surface event, where they showcase new products related to their popular tablet. This included some expected products and some unexpected ones…They even announced a phone.

Here is everything that they announced:

Surface Laptop 3

While you can turn any Surface tablet into a laptop by adding a keyboard, the Surface Laptop includes one. There will be two editions of the new Surface Laptop 3, one with a 13.5” display and 10th-generational Intel Lake core processors for $999 and a 15” model with AMD processors for $1,199.

Both editions come with USB-A and USB-C ports, fast charging and far-field microphones. The latter feature helps in voice recognition.

It will ship October 22.

Surface Pro 7

The Surface Pro also got processors updates. Like the low-end Surface Laptop 3, the tablet now comes with 10th-generational Intel chips. Also, like the laptop, they come with both USB-A and USB-C ports and better microphones.

Though not everyone will be happy with the upgrade. While the processors were improved, the battery life of the device went from 13 hours to 10. But the starting price dropped, too, to $749.

It will ship on October 22 as well.

Surface Pro X

Microsoft also announced a new version of the Surface Pro that has a mobile processor called SQI, which is said to be much like a Snapdragon. This $999 tablet also has a 13” display and LTE connectivity while being only 0.2” thick and weighing 1.68 pounds.

The Surface Pro X will ship on November 5.

Surface NEO

One of the biggest announcement at the Surface event was the release of a folding, dual-screen tablet called the NEO. The device has two 9” screens that together provide a total area of 13 inches. This device hope to overcome one of the big deficiencies with tablets: the ability to effectively multitask. Also notable about the device is that it will reportedly be the first to use Intel’s Lakefield processors.

Unfortunately, the device will not be shipping until next year’s holiday season.

Surface Duo

Another one of the big announcements from the event — and one that took everyone by surprise — was a dual-screen phone called the Duo. This device will have two 5.6” screens for 8.3 inches of total area, and interestingly it will not be running any version of Windows. Instead, it will run Android.

The device contains a Snapdragon 855 and can fold 360 degrees. Like the NEO, it will become available during next year’s holiday shopping season.

Windows 10X

In conjunction with the Surface NEO and the Surface Duo, Microsoft announced a new version of Windows that will be able to take advantage of dual screens while providing a more optimized experience. It is called Windows 10X and, like the devices, will be available in the fall of 2020.

Microsoft Earbuds

Microsoft also announced the introduction of earbuds at the event. They come with a variety of features, such as the ability to charge in their case and the ability to interact with Office 365 and Spotify. They cost $249 and will be available sometime this holiday shopping season.