Public relations has always been in the business of persuasion. Why do you think they called it PR? Public relations is the business of convincing the public to buy something by using your relationship with them. No matter how successful your business is, it can always benefit from some additional PR.

Right about this time, there are two questions that always seem to get asked:

1) Can social media be used as a more effective PR strategy?
2) Has the election of Donald Trump made an impact on how we view social media?

The answer to the second question is no. We have always craved junk, gossip, and fake news. The election of Trump has brought it more to the forefront.

An Example:

You get invited to the Oscars or some other glamorous party. You sit in the VIP section. You take home some great swag bags. That party is only relegated to a few people. The rest of us normal folks do not measure up.

Utilizing Social Media in Addition to Traditional Start Up PR Campaigns

The answer to the first question is a bit more complex. You can use social media for your PR strategy, but you need to use these resources in the right way. Your PR strategy needs to be original with its content. You might ask yourself how some can get away with certain things that others cannot. The answer lies in the originality. The message might be harsh and immoral, but the message is still original.

In a day and age where everything has a “been there, done that” connotation, you need to find a way to be say something that has never been said before. The goal might be tricky to achieve, but it is not impossible.

1) You need to accelerate your content and your brand. You need to find a way to put in the hard work and keep your audience engaged. Your content needs to be consistent. You might need to reinvent the wheel a few times. You should collaborate with others on site like Twitter. Post something and let them give you feedback. Their feedback and endorsement through social media will carry more weight than something you do on your own.

2) You need to respond to a crisis in real-time. Your audience needs to see you are putting out the effort. You need to have direct client-to-company relations in order to thrive. What happens when a crisis emerges? You explain your situation and offer a solution. That is what a Crisis PR response is for. The only difference is you are reacting in real-time on social media, and not by traditional methods.

3) How can you tell the difference between fact and fiction?

“A lie can travel halfway around the world, while the truth is still lacing up its shoes”.
Mark Twain

You need to be an instrument of truth. Fake news only caters to those people who are too lazy to do the work for themselves. Fake news travels at the speed of light. Today’s digital world is full of news many perceive to be fake. You need to show your content is real news and have the sources to back it up.

Low-quality information attracts millions of people. We thrive on inaccurate information. We eat junk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your goal through social media PR branding is to change the minds of your audience.

You need to understand where your information is succeeding and failing with your audience. Your audience will believe what they want to believe. Streamline your PR channel and the sources you use. You cannot expect your audience to believe you when you use unreliable sources within you PR channel.