Amazing PR Stunts Boosts Big Business

Let’s face it; marketing your previously branded products by using a PR stunt can attract new customers. Best of all, if all goes well, your loyal customers will be on board with the new PR move. A PR stunt may involve many tactics. The goal of PR is to draw attention to your cause. When you deploy a PR stunt, it can boost your brand overnight. A PR stunt can be used for a small business or large corporation campaign. Learn more about a few recent successful PR stunts by reading more details below.

Famous Pancake Franchise Uses PR Stunt Campaign and Reinvents Brand

If you haven’t heard, IHOP is no longer the infamous traditional pancake house that many customers are used to for breakfast. The PR firm for the famous International House of Pancakes, say; changing their name from IHOP to IHOB was a publicity stunt, and their PR move was a success. Their menu will now include steak and burgers, to go beyond the usual breakfast crowd. The move came at a time when less people are choosing to dine-in, and they needed to attract the attention of many younger working families.

Car in Orbit!

Perhaps, Telsa has pulled off one of the most daring PR stunts ever recorded to take place in auto history. They were able to send out a tweet that read: “View from SpaceX Launch Control. Apparently, there is a car in orbit around Earth”. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 6, 2018. People were amazed to see America taking an interest in space, and more surprised at the risk Telsa took to have the first car in orbit. The PR stunt was a success under a $2 billion-dollar charity contribution from SpaceX.

Other Recent Popular PR Stunts

Burger King was able to create a successful online PR stunt to fight against bullying. Their idea included bullying a burger while an actual teen was being bulling to see which incident drew the most complaints. Ironically, 98 percent complained about the bullied burger, but a small 12 percent actual stepped in to complain about the teen being bullied. Their campaign has received over 4 million YouTube views. Unfortunately, more people were willing to complain about a bullied burger than an actual person being bullied. You’re invited to learn more about their PR stunt and fighting against bullying at

We’ve seen some amazing PR stunts this year as more businesses are picking up their marketing strategy. They have come up with many creative ways to boost their brand. If drawing attention to your brand is important, a Seattle Public Relations expert can help. Their professional team of experts can reshape the image of your former or previously branded market. Hiring a professional can help your PR stunt campaign be a success. Let a team of professionals help you recapture the eye of the public. Learn more about PR for your business today.