We are creatures of habit, and changing habits can be painful and disconcerting. Change is the only constant here. Therefore we have to change our beliefs in PR trends too. We will look at some of these trends here.

New Marketing Force Is The Online Influencer

The online influencer appeared to be a fad at one time. All expected it to fade away soon, and yet that is not to be. This mainstream trend is being embraced by PR professionals as well as brands alike.

So rather than the best newspaper, you need to find the best influencer in order to get your story out. Influencers are talking to your customers. They have already built credibility and trust with your consumers.

The rise of the influencer refers to a hot trend which is growing at a rapid rate. Now that the growth has become explosive, marketers, brands as well as organizations are recognizing that influencers on social media really do make a difference. This is why digital marketing as well as communications are evolving in order to tap the trend. In fact, traditional channels are just not carrying that same communications interest anymore. Now you can supercharge your communications with some influencers. This is because they already have the hearts, minds as well as trust of people who wish to hear your message.

Using Technology To Scale Your Communications

There are so many communications channels. There are rich multi-media too. Next, there is tons of digital noise. Hence you need technology in order to scale up your efforts. This is not an option any more but a necessity as you need to be in the competition or you would simply be kicked out.

Technology automated communication and publishing first. Now there are digital marketing automation tools as well as listening posts in order to handle the complexity and the noise accompanying it.

The Social Web

The days of the media barons and journalists are gone. All of us have become publishers today with social network platforms. We can create text, make video and publish photos. We can share these on our smart phones. Hence companies of all types have become publishers in their own right. This has allowed brands to be able to reach out to their customers directly with no one in between. Also, President elect Donald Trump is able to bypass the traditional press by Tweeting out his thoughts.  Facebook and Twitter have become the digital barons of social media as asset owners. Hence this is the time to start building those online portals in order to communicate directly with the world.

Digital Content

This is a digital world of bloggers as well as digital media platforms. All this has a large global reach. All this is now defined by your online content. You can build credibility as well as trust in a digital world this way. Content that you find through search engines is perceived as the truth. Hence content marketing is the center of brands communication and marketing. This is still trending up and making a huge impact!