Crisis Management PR is typically needed suddenly,  due to accidental and unexpected events. It threatens the mere existence of a firm, organization or an individual. Take for instance the natural crisis. They come announced and can cause severe destruction. Internal disputes between employees or with an outsider. Technological crises which refers to the software being hacked or data leakages. This could create rumors and create all sorts of problems. Some organizational misdeeds and acts of deception when exposed can cause havoc. Bankruptcy, a lawsuit or the removal of a high-ranking officer all can turn into a crisis if are not managed well.

A crisis is can lead to three consequences. A danger to the wellbeing of people, whether it be the society at large or the employees of an organization.  Damage to a firms reputation and loss of credibility for an individual or an organization as a whole. This could destroy their businesses. In such cases customers, shareholders and employees all will try to avoid being a part of them. Finally, it also leads to a financial loss. It will cripple the firm if it is allowed to sustain for a considerable period of time.

We have a professional PR Crisis Management team at Seattle Public Relations. It is designed only to cater to the needs of our clients who are stuck in some sort of crisis. Its primary purpose is to handle the crisis situation efficiently and effectively. We will first of all make sure that our client isn’t affected by the crisis situation. Depending what is best for our client, we will then minimize the damage caused by the crisis. So, do not waste any precious time when any crisis situation presents itself, we are always here for you. Just a phone call away.