Russell Wilson is now the highest paid player in NFL history. This opens the door to shine light on quarterbacks whom have never made this much money before. The future for the Seattle Seahawks and Wilson himself is in the spotlight with this new deal.

The Deal

Wilson and the Seahawks agreed to a four-year extension. A whopping $140 million is coming Wilson’s way with $107 million of it guaranteed and a $65 million signing bonus. It also includes a no-trade clause so he won’t be leaving the team, maybe for his entire career. Which is great for Seattle Seahawk fans because he says he’s always wanted to be in Seattle and has more winning to do for the city.

Living The Dream

At only 30 years old, Russell Wilson has proven himself as one of the best players since being drafted in 2011. He’s been selected to the Pro Bowl team six times. He’s passed for over 25,000 yards in just seven seasons. The man has never even had a losing season as a starting quarterback. Wilson was the team leader helping the Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII. Russell Wilson is a dream for the league, the team and the city.

The Money

Will there be enough money to go around? Wilson gets paid, but the team still needs to pay it’s other superpowers. Middle linebacker Bobby Wagner is All-Pro, and is expected to receive a deal fit for the records. Frank Clark is a shining star that needs to be paid. He had 14 sacks last year. In March 2019 he was given a non-exclusive franchise tag keeping him in Seattle for the rest of the year making $17.128 million. However the rumor has been buzzing latetly, and rumors say the Seahawks could trade Clark this week or during the upcoming NFL draft. His people and the team have until July to come to an agreement on a multi-year extension. If they don’t come to an agreement, no one can talk about contracts until 2020 in the offseason. If they can’t afford Clark, some say it might be time to trade. Pass rushers have never had too high of a value in the NFL. Most say Clark is worth over $20 million a year. This is a tough price for the team after giving Wilson so much cheese. Some say the Seahawks should trade Clark for a higher draft pick because this year is said to have many great edge rushers. There’s no question to many that Wagner is a very important player and needs to be paid for it. This probably rests on how much Clark gets paid along with Wilson. There’s no crazy timeline to fear when it comes to an extension with Wagner so the team isn’t in much of a bind. Wagner told reporters this year he wants to play out the rest of his career in Seattle.

The Future

Seahawk fans were on pins and needles wondering what Wilson would do. His people apparently told the team they had until April 15 to come up with a fitting contract. Many thought the new contract wouldn’t be enough to keep Wilson with the team as the deadline came down to the line. Many questioned his return to the team. Then Wilson showed up to announce he had reached an agreement, and boy, that agreement was one for the books. Only time will tell if this opens doors for more quarterbacks to get paid like Wilson. Times are changing, and keeping good players with teams may take a lot more money now that Wilson has broken down the door.