Seattle is known as the Emerald City due to its beauty. Now it is transforming from being just a city in Washington to a city where people come for meeting their digital advertising and marketing needs. Yes, there has been a shift in the IT hub from Silicon Valley to Seattle as well as some other places like San Diego and Denver and Houston.

In Seattle you can still get the feeling of a big small town but after the Microsoft tech takeover, it has created a global footprint. It is not just a city where government officials have their offices, it has turned into the cloud computing capital of the world.  That is the reason when you will look for Digital Advertising or for App development the best hub will be Seattle.

Reasons you must go to Seattle

When you are in need of an App developer, digital advertising or anything related to the IT world your destinations should be Seattle. Why? The reasons are stated below

Talent pool

Tech industry can flourish only when there is proper talent. In Seattle, the University of Washington graduates signigicantly add to the talent pool. Apart from the U W grads, some of the best minds from all across the country are coming to work in Seattle and are hired by the many tech firms here. One can be sure that when they are hiring a marketing firm for their digital advertising needs from the Seattle area, they will be hiring from the best talent available.

Different firms at the same place

When you are looking for something at any particular city it is natural that you will look for options. At Seattle there are different firms that provide quality services when it comes to app development or digital advertising. Thus, while you hand over your project to any particular firm you will try to gather more and more details. Then you will be comparing these things with those details that you have gathered.

Thus, when you go to Seattle you will get options as there are different firms with the best talent in the country.  This is one of the main reasons why more and more of the Silicon Valley heavy weights are opeing offices around Seattle.  Apple, SalesForce, Twitter, Facebook, and Google are all pushing into the Seattle area.  Joining some of Titans of the tech world like Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Cosco, and Starbucks to name a few.


When you go to Seattle you will find that place rich in resources. It’s not natural resources but the man-made resources out there along with the environment that makes this place perfect for the IT hubs. People out there are co-operative and they collaborate with each other to deliver results. As client you will look for results and that is delivered there professionally. Hence, it is best to go to Seattle for meeting your business IT needs.

When you need to choose the best place for selecting your digital advertising and marketing needs, one of the best places is to go is Seattle. Thats where you will get the best options from various firms, who are professional and understand the importance of each project.  Seattle Public Relations is one local firm who is known to follow deadlines, and make every project successful, ultimately leading to happy clients.