Social Media offers new tools that helps you enhance your visibility to clients. Snapchat and Instagram are two such platforms that allow you to reach a target audience easily. They give you the opportunity to create an impression in front of them that can help you in business growth and branding.

Here are a few business tips that will help you use Snapchat and Instagram.

Keep it real

While you are using Snapchat or Instagram you have to keep in mind, these target different minded people. Instagram is for polished visual stuning photos and Snapchat for sneak peeks. Thus, while using these two mediums for your business you must utilize the characteristic of these two platforms.

You must keep things real in SnapChat. When you put something there you will find that they disappear after 24 hours, while in Instagram you will find that users are spending hours for prepping the photos.

Make things creative for both the platform and give your followers the feel that it is happening in front of them! Let them be intimate with your business and products.

Keep the promotions timely

Whether you are using Instagram or SnapChat you must remember that your promotional ideas there should be timely. SnapChat is the best platform for you to offer promo codes, discounts and sharing any giveaway. You can also showcase your product.

Utilize Instagram for promoting your products and other services that you offer. It is for audience who are more integrated than the audience who are using SnapChat.

However, whichever platforms you utilize remember that they must be posted at proper time.

Engage your audience

SnapChat and Instagram are best platform where you can ask your users to post snaps with your products. In return you can offer something like a discount, free products or a free trip. This will allow you to engage your users with your products and also accumulate hundreds of images of your products.

Have fun. Be bold. Be HAPPY!

SnapChat is used by most as it makes them feel Happy, similarly, with Instagram people feel connected with others easily.

Thus, while you are using these two social media platforms make sure you have held the essence of both these platform rightly. At Snapchat you can doodle an image to grab attention of others. In all you have to keep in mind that these two platform are best for getting attention from two different group of viewers thus harness it properly.