Building a business or career into a success story takes time and work. Because of this, learning how to create a good platform for public opinion is essential to any success for a person, business or company. As almost all successful individuals, companies and businesses know, communication is key in building strong relationships.

When thinking of communication, most minds jump to words spoken. We’re here to suggest that a powerful tool of communication is silence. Now we don’t mean giving someone the “silent treatment”, but rather listening. A key component of communication is listening and truly hearing what people have to say.

In today’s fast paced world, brimming with 140 characters or less, miscommunications occur daily. Is it because people don’t say enough? On the contrary, everyone is eager to jump in with their words without taking the time to hear what is being said. What is being said by a team member assisting with your project, what is being said by a frustrated customer, what is being said by an overworked business partner.

At Seattle Public Relations we understand that communicating your message is a key factor in your brand’s success, but we begin this process by listening. We listen to what our client is trying to tell us and then we listen to what is being said around the client. There is so much noise surrounding us, making it difficult to hear what someone is saying without jumping into a solution.

Next time you are in a team meeting, consider taking a moment to listen to what others are saying and make sure you heard it. Are they telling you they hate this project, or are they telling you they are frustrated with a lack of direction in the project management? Is your client complaining that the work isn’t getting done, or are they telling you that they lack communication on what has been achieved and what needs to be achieved? You will be amazed at the things you can say with silence. A miscommunication can be avoided by taking an extra moment to clarify that you are hearing what is being said.