Staying Consistent with Your Customers and Your Audience. Yes, It’s THAT Important!

You probably heard the digital traditional adage before from your networking circle once or twice around, “Whatever you do, stay consistent with your customers and your audience.”

Of course, you’re not dumb. You understand that you need to be constant communication with your audience when you are involved with your operations.

You heard (and even seen) the horror stories with people who don’t communicate with their audience members. You’ve seen the backlash from their own fanbase that they get from not staying in contact.

So, you get busy building your own startup, hiring and firing, making partnerships, securing funding, and scaling up operations. You get in the day-to-day grind.

Before, the fabled horror nightmare that everyone in your circle had warned you about has surrounded you!

The worst part about of this is that you didn’t even see it coming.

Rest assured, there is an easy way to get out of this.

Set Up Daily Reminders

At Seattle Public Relations, we’ve seen it happened dozens of times and even knowing the backstory of what these things can happen, it’s still painful from both sides.

Your fans, your social media followings, are filled with people with their own emotions. It’s understandable that you don’t want to warn out your welcome by mentioning something that may not even be all too important.

However, you are going to have to start up PR for your business and make consistent reminders to put out a message that communicates with your audience and your customers.

We understand that day-to-day operations gets in the way and being on social media can seem not-too-important at the time to respond to.

But it’s that important that you stay consistent on this.

Make Yourself Accessible

Another thing that you can do is to start up PR is to make yourself accessible to your audience.

We live in an age of interactive media so it makes sense to host a livestream where your fans can communicate with you directly.

Beware of which platform you use.

At Seattle Public Relations, we understand that not all public relations platforms are equal.

YouTube’s livestream chat platform gives you a stream of consciousness in the comments section. Also, it’s also important to understand where your target market would be watching and live-watching.

If you’ve created a mobile video game that twenty-somethings play, it may make sense to do livestream on YouTube.

However, you are dealing with B2B clients, perhaps making a podcast and dropping your e-mail address so you can answer questions on the podcast or through social media may be all that’s needed.

Delegate Social Media Presence to Someone Else

If you find yourself incredibly busy, then you need to delegate it that task to someone else. Perhaps, your favorite Seattle Public Relations firm. (wink, wink)

There’s no shame in delegating public relations to an outside party who knows how to deal with the public (especially when they are looking for answers from your company).

These steps and tidbits should help you avoid the quicksand of being too caught-up in your project and avoiding the hailstorm from your fanbase.