23 03, 2017

8 Principals of a PR Plan

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Adding Principle Makes Your Public Relations Plan More Effective For people involved in Seattle Public Relations there are a number of principles they should pay attention to if they want to create a more effective public relations plan. Most public relations plans usually contain objectives, tactics, metrics and strategies essential for planning. Including these important principles provide a filter to guide your decision making and keep you on track towards your goal. 1. Know Your Target Audience A good public relations plan must have as its goal fulfilling a need of the consumer The product or service must be designed to [...]

23 03, 2017

The Bond Between Public Relations & Social Media

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The primary objective of marketing divisions of most companies is to increase the number of sales. In order to do that, they will have to get the attention of more potential customers. In today’s world, social media marketing is one of the most effective methods available for the businesses to grab the attention of customers. While you are focusing on SMM, it is important to pay special attention towards Public relations as well. That’s because public relation firms are in a position to represent your company in a positive manner through marketing campaigns. Online PR has the ability to create a tremendous impact [...]

23 03, 2017

6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Public Relations Firm

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Do you keep hearing that you need to hire a professional public relation firm to further your business interests?  For quite a few businesses it may be an intriguing question whether to hire a professional public relations firm or not. Before we go into further details about the reasons to hire a professional public relations firm, any business owner must evaluate the pros and cons, risks and costs of hot hiring vs. hiring a professional Public relations company and what additional benefits a professional public relations firm can bring to a business in terms of revenue generation. However, you need to gear up before [...]

23 03, 2017

All You Need To Know About Publicity Stunts

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PR stunts really are something else. They allow a brand or even a company to generate a huge amount of hype, and on top of this, it is a great way for you to make sure that you are always getting the views and the recognition you need for your own marketing efforts. All in all, PR stunts remain to be a game changer in the world of marketing and if you want to take advantage of them for your own business then you need to do everything you can to not only be successful but to also take into [...]