23 03, 2019

Snapchat and Instagram Business Tips

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Social Media offers new tools that helps you enhance your visibility to clients. Snapchat and Instagram are two such platforms that allow you to reach a target audience easily. They give you the opportunity to create an impression in front of them that can help you in business growth and branding. Here are a few business tips that will help you use Snapchat and Instagram. Keep it real While you are using Snapchat or Instagram you have to keep in mind, these target different minded people. Instagram is for polished visual stuning photos and Snapchat for sneak peeks. Thus, while [...]

23 03, 2017

8 Principals of a PR Plan

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Adding Principle Makes Your Public Relations Plan More Effective For people involved in Seattle Public Relations there are a number of principles they should pay attention to if they want to create a more effective public relations plan. Most public relations plans usually contain objectives, tactics, metrics and strategies essential for planning. Including these important principles provide a filter to guide your decision making and keep you on track towards your goal. 1. Know Your Target Audience A good public relations plan must have as its goal fulfilling a need of the consumer The product or service must be designed to [...]