23 03, 2017

8 Principals of a PR Plan

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Adding Principle Makes Your Public Relations Plan More Effective For people involved in Seattle Public Relations there are a number of principles they should pay attention to if they want to create a more effective public relations plan. Most public relations plans usually contain objectives, tactics, metrics and strategies essential for planning. Including these important principles provide a filter to guide your decision making and keep you on track towards your goal. 1. Know Your Target Audience A good public relations plan must have as its goal fulfilling a need of the consumer The product or service must be designed to [...]

23 03, 2016

PR Trends You Cannot Ignore Any Longer

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We are creatures of habit, and changing habits can be painful and disconcerting. Change is the only constant here. Therefore we have to change our beliefs in PR trends too. We will look at some of these trends here. New Marketing Force Is The Online Influencer The online influencer appeared to be a fad at one time. All expected it to fade away soon, and yet that is not to be. This mainstream trend is being embraced by PR professionals as well as brands alike. So rather than the best newspaper, you need to find the best influencer in order [...]