28 02, 2020

Advertising Is What You Pay For, Publicity Is What You Pray For

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If you own a business in the Seattle, Washington area and are looking for the right type of publicity to make more people aware of your company, contact Seattle Public Relations. Their innovative, creative staff can design and implement a wide range of effective marketing campaigns that will increase your company's visibility and generate growing interest in what you have to offer. Whether you need Start Up PR or you need help with your rebranding efforts, they're the only company you need to call. They can make your business more visible online and in the streets and help to attract countless [...]

23 03, 2017

6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Public Relations Firm

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Do you keep hearing that you need to hire a professional public relation firm to further your business interests?  For quite a few businesses it may be an intriguing question whether to hire a professional public relations firm or not. Before we go into further details about the reasons to hire a professional public relations firm, any business owner must evaluate the pros and cons, risks and costs of hot hiring vs. hiring a professional Public relations company and what additional benefits a professional public relations firm can bring to a business in terms of revenue generation. However, you need to gear up before [...]

23 03, 2017

Reasons to Hire a Professional Public Relations Firm

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Requirements for the business Before a company can reasonably decide to employ a Seattle Public Relations Firm, their business needs to be at a level in which this type of service is required. By hiring a public relations firm at the correct time, a business can benefit from their expertise at an early enough time in their business so that the value they receive from this type of service can add to the company’s trajectory for the longest period of time. Hiring a PR firm too early, and the business cannot reasonably afford or optimize the use of a professional [...]