4 05, 2020
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An Essential Guide to SEO Keyword Strategy

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How to use Keyword Research to boost website traffic. If you run a business with a website or have pursued any endeavors that require some level of online presence you are probably familiar with the term SEO. SEO and keyword research are essential considerations when determining ways to drive traffic towards a website or blog. However, while it’s a common term that is thrown around when talking about web content, many people do not understand exactly what SEO is or how to conduct successful keyword research. Oftentimes, businesses will hire a copywriter who is proficient in SEO writing and is [...]

2 02, 2020

Maybe SEO should be called CVV: “Commitment & Veracity Verification.”

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…That’s pretty clunky. But it might be a more accurate depiction of what SEO really is these days. We can keep the term SEO around for some aspects. Like those quick boosts that anybody can do. Change the alt text in your images, page titles, change some wording in your articles so they feature more keywords – it’s a simple process. Website builders have even condensed it down to a button – “Click here for SEO.” It’s low-hanging fruit. Just like the Hidden Keyword trick used in the early 2000’s. That’s when you would up your site with keywords in [...]