With over a billion active users, TikTok Marketing has established itself as one of the most useful forms of social media marketing.  

With the newest generation of kids making up the majority of the app’s users, if you have had a product that caters to people aged 25 and younger, a TikTok video business plan has become a must-have.

What Is TikTok Marketing and How Does It Work?

TikTok was once known as Music.ly until being sold, rebranded, and reintroduced as TikTok. TikTok kept the app’s original principle of simply allowing users to upload videos but improved the user experience.

TikTok marketing includes simple in-app video production tools that let users add subtitles, lenses, visual effects, and an enormous collection of music clips to their films. TikTok’s integration with some other social networking sites makes it simple to share material made on the app with a user’s complete social media audience.

The platform recently expanded the video length limit from 60 seconds to three minutes, indicating that more video material is being created for TikTok.

What is the Business Attraction?

The TikTok algorithm uses artificial intelligence to propose videos to viewers on their “for you” tab based on the previously viewed films, making it simpler for users to find new material and for video artists to go viral.

That implies that by maximizing TikTok marketings capabilities, paying attention to current trends, and creating high-quality content, your company has the potential to reach millions of individuals…

Businesses and entrepreneurs are joining the cause and enjoying success because of the platform’s fast and spectacular expansion. That suggests your competitors are doing the same thing.

Start TikTok marketing campaign.

Traditional marketing strategies are increasingly unimpressive to younger generations—Millennials, Gen Z, and younger—who are drawn to authenticity and the human element of a brand. TikTok is the ideal social media platform for building the know, like, and trust factor with a younger consumer, especially given the rising popularity of internet video in general and a shorter attention span than ever before.

You will captivate a spend-ready audience that is looking for businesses they can connect with if you combine entertainment, staying loyal to your core beliefs, and staying on top of current trends.

A Video Strategy that Is not Just for Gen Z

As with any marketing plan, most of your efforts should be concentrated on the areas where you will be most noticeable to your target demographic. While the 16-24 age group is TikTok’s most popular, the year 2020 saw a significant shift in the app’s user base, with some reports claiming that 20-39-year-olds currently account for more over 40% of the app’s users.

That means that by using the app it is still extremely useful if your company caters to demographics other than Gen Z. As TikTok’s user base grows, it is more crucial than ever to develop a presence so you can obtain as much coverage as possible, and as soon as possible.

Let us look at how you may use TikTok marketing to promote your brand in a natural, authentic way. (And if you have no idea what that implies, do some more research on Gen Z before launching your TikTok advertising.)

Step 1: Become acquainted with the platform

Sure, you could just sign up for the site and start posting videos with popular music, but if you want to see genuine results, you will need to get to know the tools, what they do, and how to utilize them effectively.

Because TikTok marketing is not like LinkedIn, Facebook, or even Instagram, you expect a steep learning curve if you are new to the platform.

The Essentials of TikTok Marketing

Before you plunge into TikTok, familiarize yourself with the basic features that have made it so popular among Gen Z social media users.


You do not need a TikTok account to watch public videos, but you do need one to post, just like any other social networking platform.

A personal profile has a bio, photo, name, username, and the opportunity to link your YouTube and Instagram profiles, as well as a non-profit organization.

These characteristics are available in business profiles as well, with the addition of an email address and a website.

Only personal accounts can be made “private,” which means that only those you authorize to follow you can see your information. If you have a business profile and switch to a private profile, you will lose access to all the benefits of your business account.


You can capture real-time videos to submit to the platform using the in-app camera tools, or you can choose to upload a video from your camera roll. You may also utilize many photos to make a video, giving you much more creative options on the app.

Editing of video

Imagine if someone had told you ten years ago that by 2021, everyone would be able to make and edit their own videos…from a gadget in their hand!

TikTok has turned what was once a future vision into a day-to-day reality. Users can design and produce their own entertaining, high-quality videos using a snipping tool, video speed tool, subtitles, voice-over tool, filters, and graphic effects, as well as the possibility to add “sounds” to their video.

Of course, while personal videos do well on the site, professionally produced videos will make your brand stand out and appear more professional if you’re a business owner.

Cross-Posting on Social Media

TikTok users can share movies they have made on the app to Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. The video does feature TikTok’s watermark, so keep that in mind.

Likes, Comments, and Shares

TikTok, like its social media predecessors, allows users to interact with content through options such as liking, sharing, and commenting.

Sounds & Music

TikTok’s enormous library of sounds that users may apply to their movies is one of the platform’s most appealing features. In fact, even if the songs are not new, this is how many artists see their songs become popular (remember hearing Fleetwood Mac EVERYWHERE last summer?).

However, if you have a business account, you can only access a library of songs that have been approved for commercial usage.


Users can record a split-screen video with the original video on one side and the user’s video on the other using the “Duet” feature. People can cooperate with their friends, followers, influencers, and even celebrities and corporations in this way.

Your business may use the “duet” option to encourage their consumers to videotape themselves enjoying their products, or even to create a “challenge” that links into their brand.


Like Duets, the Stitch function allows users to cooperate with other TikTokkers by using a segment of another video at the start of theirs. Another wonderful technique for firms to increase interest in their products is through social media. You may urge your consumers to “stitch” your films together by demonstrating how they use your items.


TikTok is more than just asynchronous communication. Users can livestream themselves and engage with their audience in real time using the “live” feature.

This tool might be used to make a product launch or create live, behind-the-scenes material for your company.


The “React” function, like Stitch and Duets, enables TikTok users to interact with one another within the program. Users can utilize the react feature to film themselves while watching a video.

This feature is useful for companies who want consumers to “blind react” to a product reveal or a before and after video.


TikTok, like other social media platforms, includes a hashtag feature that allows users to better categorize their content and attract audiences searching for those hashtags.


You do not have to rely solely on likes, comments, and shares to determine the success of your material. For a more in-depth look, TikTok includes an analytics dashboard.

Step 2: Examine the Content

Let us get started now that you have mastered the fundamentals. After you have created an account, you may begin browsing through the app to gain a sense of “TikTok Culture.”

Learn Everything There Is to Know About Your Feed

When you first download the app, your “for your page” will be filled with trending content from prominent creators. Your “for you page” will be dictated by AI as you use the app and watch more videos, and TikTok will show you videos of material tailored exclusively for you.

Following Page: Your “following” page will only contain content from the people you have chosen to follow. You will see more videos that apply to you if you follow profiles that are relevant to the business or target audience. This, obviously, plays right into the AI that produces your “for you” page.

Eye the Competition

Although TikTok for commercial use is still relatively new, look at how firms in your field are leveraging the site. What kind of material are they producing? What hashtags are they employing? Are you able to deduce their content strategy?

Personal Accounts Should Be Considered

You should investigate more than just business accounts. Examine your own finances. Compare and contrast the methods of well-known individuals (and even influencers) with those of businesses. There is a good chance you will notice a lot of parallels.

What is up with that?

Because individual users produce most trends on TikTok, companies that follow make their brand more relatable (and more discoverable on the stream!).

Step 3: Make a Content Strategy

It’s time to get down to business with the material.

Experiment with a variety of content types.

After you’ve figured out what works, consider experimenting with different forms of content. Learn how to use the editing tools, then experiment with the Stitch, Duet, and Reaction features to see which ones generate the most interest.

Combining Business and Pleasure is a great way to go.

TikTok is all about having a good time. Keep a close eye out for hot topics and join in, putting your own spin on it.

But keep in mind that a sell, sell, sell’ message isn’t always the best option. This will turn off TikTok users (especially Gen Z), and you will not be able to form genuine connections with customers.

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is the key to “making it” on TikTok. Make a strategy. What type of content would you like to share? How frequently will you publish content? Keep your expectations in check, but keep to your plan.

Demonstrate Your Brand’s Human Side

Gen Z purchases from brands with whom they have a personal connection. Take a look behind the scenes. Demonstrate what your organization performs on a daily basis. Members of your team should be introduced. Don’t be hesitant to reveal your company’s inner workings.

Getting to Know Generation Z

TikTok is a rapidly developing platform that allows businesses to generate content that truly reflects their brand’s distinctiveness. Meet your clients where they are, as the adage goes.

And if your clients are young, they’re on TikTok.