Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bill Gates’ Mansion Called “Xanadu 2.0”

Bill Gates is one of Seattle’s most famous residents. But his house is almost as famous. It is so famous that it even has its very own Wikipedia page. But how much do you really know about what Gates calls Xanadu 2.0?

It Has Lots of Bathrooms

If you have ever complained about not having enough bathrooms in your home, Xanadu 2.0 will really make you envious. It actually has 24 bathrooms, and 10 of them have baths. What’s more, the mansion has a mere 7 bedrooms, so there are always plenty of bathrooms to go around even if Bill and Melinda are hosting lots of guests.

It Has a Really Big Pool

While you would expect Xanadu 2.0 to have a swimming pool, you probably did not realize just how big of a pool it has. The pool is 60′ by 17′ feet. But its size is not actually what makes it so impressive. What is really impressive about it is the fossil-like floor and the fact that it has an underwater music system. It also includes both outdoor and indoor sections — with a glass wall separating the two — as well as a number of showers and baths.

It Cost a Whole Lot of Money

Bill originally bought the lot in 1988 for $2 million. But the house itself, which took 7 years to complete, cost Gates around $60 million to build. Though this was not the entire cost of the project. Bill and Melinda wanted to have their privacy, so they decided to buy all the surrounding homes, too. This alone cost them almost $15 million.By the way, the last valuation of the home was back in 2009, and it was valued at close to $150 million.

It Has a Really Nice Gym

It is unlikely that you will ever see Bill and Melinda visiting your local fitness club. This is because Xanadu 2.0 has its own 2,500-square-foot gym. The mansion also has a separate trampoline room, which has ceilings that reach 20 feet into the air.

It Has a Lot of Steps

Bill and Melinda do not need to visit their gym to get a good workout. There are more than 80 steps from the entrance of Xanadu 2.0 to the ground floor. But if they are feeling lazy, they can always take the elevator.

It Is One Smart House

You probably would expect Bill Gates’ home to have the latest in smart home technology, and you would not be wrong. Sensors in the rooms interact with wearables to provide guests with a custom environment according to their preferences, which includes control over temperature, lighting and music. Speaking of music, the house is so smart that music can follow you from one room to the other.

It Can Host a Lot of People for Dinner

It is unlikely that the Gates ever worry about inviting too many people over for dinner. The dining room is 1,000 square feet, making it bigger than many condos, and it can seat two dozen people. But if they are having a really big shindig, they can use their 2,300-square-foot reception hall, which can accommodate 150 sitting guests or 200 people for a cocktail party.